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What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of conducting a detailed examination of written material to ensure its accuracy before publication. It differs from editing, which involves improving the quality of the content. Proofreaders carefully scrutinize a document to identify and correct a range of errors, including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies in style and formatting. They also ensure that there are no typos or other errors that could detract from the text’s overall quality.

Quality Promise

We are dedicated to offering a constant level of quality throughout all of our interactions with customers. Our staff members adhere to established business procedures so that we can communicate effectively, fulfil orders on schedule, and go above and beyond for our clients.

Pre-translation stage

Understanding objectives, designing a strategy, building a team

Cultural adaptation and plain language review

Understanding your audience and breaking down their barriers

Translation stage

Translation and community checking

Clients We Work With

Tuc Tuc
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