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We can handle all of your DTP service requirements, including layout and design, packaging adaptation, and bilingual content creation, because we have the most recent software and hardware. Your multilingual documents are returned to you using our DTP services in their finished, usable state.

Why you require DTP multilingual

When a translated document will be published or printed, DTP (Desktop Publishing) is especially helpful. However, if the translated document is a PowerPoint or PDF file, it can still be helpful. You can be sure that using this service will result in a document that closely resembles the original.

Language variations make this adaptation necessary. Compared to Latin-based languages like French or Portuguese, some languages, like English, use fewer words. Like German or Russian, other languages have words that are particularly long. These are referred to as the “expansion and contraction factors.”

Languages like Arabic and Hebrew, which are written from right to left, as well as those based on characters, like Chinese and Japanese, should also be taken into account. The layout must be modified to account for all these linguistic quirks, which affect graphic elements, fonts, available space, etc.

Because they will be better able to spot errors in hyphenation, missing text, etc., this work must be completed or checked by experts who comprehend the language used in the document in order to ensure that you receive top quality.

Contact Trustlate, your go-to agency for multilingual DTP translations

We offer multilingual DTP as a complementary service to translation for a range of benefits:

  • We deliver a ready-to-use translated document in a high-resolution PDF
  • We insert crop marks and deliver a print-ready document
  • We ensure top quality with layout done by multilingual DTP professionals to ensure your document follows all local typographical conventions
  • We save you time and money since we’re your single contact throughout the entire project
  • We have the expertise and technical experience to handle the most sensitive projects with a wide range of fonts and character sets, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

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